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Database Generated Webpages: update your website using data from your Relevant Tools database.

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Databases, Email, Forms

Relevant Tools provides custom web forms, online XML databases, auto responders, email campaign management and response tracking.

FREE Trial for up to 30 days. Basic Membership is just $10 a month. VIP Membership provides seamless integration and increased database and mailing capacity for as little as $30 a month. Review our Membership options and pricing. Ask us about custom tools and private branding for VARs.

Introducing the Relevant toolkit...
Custom Web Forms

Custom Web Forms
Quickly add custom forms to your website to create databases of names or other info from site visitors. Auto Responders send personalized emails to better serve your customers.

Online Databases

Online Databases
Create custom online databases of users, customers or other information. The data is all yours with full import and export capabilities.

Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign Management
Create newsletters, promotions, or any other mailings, all personalized with information from your online database. Use Relevant Tools to focus your emails for maximum response.

Email Response Tracking

Email Response Tracking
Get great results by tracking your emails and web site traffic. Find out who reads your email and clicks through to your web site.

Email Response Tracking

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